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To understand the e-portfolio concept we need to understand why educators are starting to develop the skill and knowledge to implement electronic e-portfolios with their students. People also develop them for many other reasons Nurses and Aged Care workers document their new skills as they are implemented the perfect solution to ensuring staff stay up to date. They can be used to seek employment or develop an RPL of knowledge to improve on Qualifications. They can tell your story.
There are many reasons that educators and professional organizations are now leaning towards
Why e-portfolios?
  • In the classroom e-portfolios can be used so that students can produce a quantity of evidence using file types such as video, audio, digital storytelling and photography, this then offers a broader evidence of their learning
  • e-portfolios can be designed to engage the student and direct them to the concept of lifelong learning, once they have developed their own learning momentum.
  • They serve as a digital resume to aid students in acquiring employment or entrance into adult learning
  • Students can add artifacts of work experiences for employment opportunities
  • They can help develop interaction through voice technology, e-mail, blogs, wikis, live classroom and other Web 2.0 and these interactions can be shown and used as evidence of learning.
  • An e-portfolio can be built up around the individual student or around a whole classroom
  • Students get the chance to focus more on the thinking and planning processes, of their learning activities.
  • Allows students to collaborate and assemble their collective output
  • Students can personally make meaningful connections with their educational services and communities of practice
  • e-portfolios can be used in the RPL process
  • Provide students opportunity to reflect on their work as a whole.
  • Offer evidence of teaching performances

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