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By Christine Dix & Kathryn Matthews
Welcome to our presentation page, you will find everything here that we have talked about in our presentation plus more, we hope you enjoy!
We have started with some excellent samples of work that were all created using PowerPoint and iSpring and then if you scroll down the page we have quite an extensive list of links and tutorials for you to access! If you find some to add please feel free to add to our growing collection. We have also included our PowerPoint presentation slides and as soon as the recording is up will will pop it on the page as well. So this can be a one stop resource for everything PowerPoint to iSpring. Please scroll right down to links, resources and a copy of our community connect presentation!

scroll down to see them all.

Wikispaces How To - Prepare, upload and insert files

Wikispaces How To - Use Discussion Forum

Cardiovascular System flash movie- created as a resource for my Medical Terminology students
who access it from our private wikispace

Operate Computer Hardware-created for my Cert II in IT VCAL students - they loved it. Also created a podcast but they didn't like it, they preferred the
pictures (they are all visual learners)

This was made to loop on a big screen at our village cafe
morning tea each Tuesday morning.We will add more to it.

How to download and install iSpring

A fire Evacuation video used for staff and volunteer orientation

Intro to Office participant Murray made this interactive Christmascard for the class as part of his competency for PowerPoint!

One of my Digital Storytelling participants Douglas made this as a
class project- he loves lions and the lion king!

Cert III in Business Management participant Declan put this together
as one of his assessments!
Some links to pages of interest:
This site contains some more fantastic information on rapid elearning and PowerPoint and iSpring:

Where do I find an iSpring download:

Some PowerPoint Tutorials:

How to Videos:

Do you qualify for the ACFE Microsoft Agreement?:

Our Community Connect Presentation:

The Presentation:

The Introduction:Point your mouse over the avatar and click on the play symbol that appears!
This introduction was made using voki then converted to wmv embedded into PowerPoint
and converted to a swf file using iSpring!

The Presentation:These are the slides used for the presentation.

The recording of the elluminate presentation:

View the Elluminate //Live!// recording

Links used in the presentation:

Step into Safety:


Practice files and step by step "how to" embed video, hyperlink buttons and pages into PowerPoint and publishing with iSpring tutorial coming soon!