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Voice thread
Voicethread Its wonderful for reporting an ongoing project, for reflection of a task, for showcasing work and assessing students. Voice threads easy functions make it great for all students. You are able to have 3 Voicethreads before you have to Pay so give it a try create your own student voice thread.
Once you learn about Voice thread how about saying hi in ours on the home page...........
This tutorial may be handy ...Voicethread

Find images to deliver your message
  1. Go toVoicethread
  2. Click on create. Enter your email address and password. Click on sign-in.
  3. Click on upload. Click on "From my computer." Find pictures, choose the images you will use and they will be downloaded.
  4. Select and drag pictures into the correct order.
  5. Click "Title and Description." Fill in and click save.
  6. Click on first picture and click on comment.
  7. A box will come up with your first picture. A smaller box will open asking you to add a picture--click do it later.
  8. Click on record and record your script for the first picture
  9. The first time you use it there might be a small audio box that pops allow
  10. When finished click stop recording and click save.
  11. Go to the next picture by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right arrow and do the same thing until you have done all the pictures.
  12. When you are done a box will pop up asking you to share...on the left side of the screen click on "options"

Voki is a free creative tool for students ,that has been shown to improves students engagement because it can engage your students in creative expressions and can be a lot of fun. You can get students to do a book report or report about an excursion the uses are as far as your imagination will take you. One of the fun parts is creating the Avatar that comes with the program. The students can customize the Avatar to create any character they choose. ....VOKI